A leading provider of high-speed internet and cybersecurity solutions to schools across the South West and Midlands

Why choose
Superfast Schools?

Reliable internet has become an essential service, just like electricity, heat and water, without which a school cannot function. Schools need a high-quality broadband connection designed with the needs of schools in mind - this is where Superfast Schools can help.

Our solution was born out of our work with schools - designed to enhance the learning journey with fast speeds, easy access to online resources and secure browsing with safeguarding and cybersecurity solutions built in.

Our Services

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A close partnership

We work closely with our schools and we know what's essential for success - our flexible solutions provide schools and MATs with the ability to tailor their service to their unique requirements, ensuring that best value is obtained by only paying for features and technology they actually need. 

The complete range of solutions

All our solutions can be adjusted and tailored to your requirements, however we have crafted three simple options to represent the service levels that we typically offer to schools.

Our Services

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Essentials Package
A cost-effective internet solution for the tightest of budgets. Still fast, still secure and super affordable. Our essentials package contains the connectivity, support and enterprise-grade hardware schools need to make the most of the latest cloud-based resources.
Standard Package
Our middle-tier package, building on all the features included in the essentials package with additional customisable content filtering and reporting options, with cybersecurity countermeasures built in.
Ultimate Package
Our 'best of breed' solution: everything you get in our standard package but also including our most advanced features - additional reporting and safeguarding tools together with advanced protection against online threats such as cybercrime and ransomware. Protect your users, your data and your network with our ultimate package of connectivity, support, hardware and fully managed service.

At Superfast Schools we believe that your pupils deserve the best possible learning environment

Our school internet solutions offer flexibility and speed, without compromising online safety. Superfast Schools provides a tailored internet solution for schools across the whole of the UK. Whether it be over high-speed leased line connections, FTTP or FTTC or even 4G (5G coming soon), we ensure best value by providing a personalised service, all supported by experienced, local engineers and our UK-based Helpdesk.


An award-winning solution

Superfast Schools is designed around schools’ need for reliable, safe and secure access to online content. The internet is a resource that has the power and potential to enhance learning, inspire pupils and enable outstanding results in the classroom, but too often this can be impacted by inadequate speeds, poor security and restricted access due to inefficient filtering.

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